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Everyone has a hero. Some like Superman, some Batman, Cat Woman, or Supergirl, but for me, the heroes in my life have always been truckers. I even used many of my trucker heroes, and their handles, in The Mother Trucker Book Series. When I became a sand hauling trucker, my fellow sand haulers became like a family. Not only did I look up to the people I worked with, but they saved me from certain disaster on more than one occasion.
I can remember several times that my sand hauling brothers or sisters came to my rescue when things weren’t going well. One time I was stuck in the mud, and a few of the drivers I was rolling with that day helped dig and pull me out of the mess. Another time, I picked up a piece of metal on the freeway, and the steer tire threw that piece of sharp metal into my fuel tank causing a puncture. After visiting a mechanic to have the hole fixed, I took my truck out on an overly rough lease road and the security strap that held my newly-repaired tank to my truck broke, causing the rear part of my tank to fall to the ground and drag. It was my hero sand hauling buddies who helped me reattach the tank with trailer tarp straps. I was able to deliver my sand, and drive very slowly back to the mechanic.
There were times when I had trouble unloading my sand into the compartment that I had been assigned because I had more sand than I had space. Again, my sand hauling heroes came to the rescue and helped me use the “blow a hole” method to make room in the compartment.
Sand haulers weren’t my only trucker heroes. Mother Trucker is set in the Utah mountains for a reason. If it hadn’t been for two really kind and friendly oil tanker truckers, I might have fallen off one of those cliffs. I had been sent to Vernal, Utah to deliver sand. It was December, just a few days before Christmas. To my surprise, I was caught in a high wind blizzard in the mountains. It was so white, and visibility was very low. I was “white knuckling” it all the way through that storm. What helped me keep calm were two wonderful men talking with me over the CB, letting me know that it was okay to take the trip though those mountains as slow as I needed to go. They also taught me to stay away from the black flags. I’m sure glad they were there, even though I’m sure the line of traffic that was following me wished that I would have moved along faster. 
During my time as a trucker, I held various positions—sand hauling, long hauling, and chemical transportation to name a few. Through all my experiences, I truly believe in my heart, that I met some really special heroes. Those who talked to me when I was alone at night on those dark highways, those who helped when I was having a really rough day, and those who just encouraged me to take it calm and easy. True Mother Trucking Heroes.

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