When Your Home Away From Home is 5’ X 7’

Photo courtesy of www.usedtruckpart.org

I like my creature comforts, and my home is full of my stuff. I barely have enough room! Yep, that’s a true problem for this Trucking Queen. I love my space, I love my stuff, and I love buying more stuff. If you’re like me, it’s even harder when you have to confine your possessions to a space half the size of a walk-in-closet with a bed already taking up some of the room. 

What do you do when you are like me, with only so much room for all of the things you may “need”? When I  first started trucking, I struggled a lot with what to take, what to leave at home, and what was truly necessary on the road.

I learned that it simply takes time to discern what you’re using and what you’re not. At work I was known as the “lady who had everything.” Even though I carried a lot with me on the truck initially, I eventually had to limit my haul of personal items to those things that were useful and practical.

Since I was a sand hauler, unless I was going to be gone for a long stretch, I would pack a couple of extra sets of clothes (clean coveralls for work, extra boots, sleeping shirts) and shoes that I could use when I wasn’t on a job. I can still remember how difficult it was for me when I did my stent as a “long hauler”. For those hauls, I added in more clothes and made sure that I always had baby wipes, ten gallons of water, a case of water bottles, fresh towels, and a refrigerator full of fruit and prepared meat. Then, I added canned veggies and extra coffee to my staples.

My makeshift kitchen was a must, and it included a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee pot. Some truckers carried televisions and other electronical devices, but I found that my laptop computer was sufficient for everything that I needed. I could write on it, watch DVDs, and conduct work. I consolidated all of my hygiene products into one shower bag that I could refill when I would go home, and I even had room for towels and a small makeup bag.

Understand I didn’t start out as an efficient packer. It was hard leaving behind those extra clothes I “might” want to wear, or the items I “might” need. I can tell you, it took time, but I eventually got very proficient at packing my 5’ X 7’ home. You new truckers will get the hang of it soon. Happy trails!

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