Stand By Your Mother Trucker!

Photo courtesy of Women in Trucking

Do husbands have a problem with their wives driving trucks? I’m sure there are a few that don’t love their wives out running the highways of America without them. I have found however, that the majority of men who have trucker wives are very supportive and appreciate that their wives have a career they enjoy. In fact, a majority of women in the trucking industry drive in teams with their husbands, own dual trucks, and run together. 

I did hear some unfortunate stories of men who totally lost their senses when their wives or girlfriends hit the road. I remember driving down Highway 69 out of Oklahoma when I caught the ear of a young woman who was hauling from someplace up north down into Texas. She hadn’t been driving long, and to be honest, it sounded like she just needed someone to talk to about what was happening at home. I lent my ear, and she told me her story.

She wasn’t very old, probably in her late twenties. She explained to me that she had at first been a team driver with her husband for three years, and that her mother had been watching their two kids when they were hauling loads. But one night, her husband got drunk while they were at home, drove their car to the store for more beer, and got arrested. Consequently, he lost his CDL for six months, and lost his job with the hauling company they had been employed with for the last three years.

She explained that her husband wanted her to quit as well since the company had fired him, but she refused. She knew that they still needed to pay their bills, take care of their children, and now pay for all the fines that he’d just racked up. Her husband was furious, and called her a traitor. She didn’t feel like she was doing anything wrong by keeping her job. I told her she had every right to keep trucking.

The sad part of this whole story was that her husband called her constantly while she was hauling. He accused her daily of having affairs on him while she was away, said he was going to file for divorce, and threatened to take their two children away from her. The young woman, was beside herself as to what she should do. I simply told the young lady to hold her ground and do her job, and that if he did follow through on any of his threats (which I doubted that he would), that there wouldn’t be a court in the country that would take his side. I hope she made it through that rough patch in her life with her career intact.

Women truckers are growing in population in the trucking industry. Companies are finding that hiring female drivers is good for their company point scores with DOT, and that most women drivers take care of the equipment, get their loads delivered on time, and they keep their paperwork up and in order. If  the lady of the house wants to learn the industry, it’s definitely worth a family discussion. The money that women make trucking is generally the same as the men when they have the same experience level. So, men who understand economics should welcome the added household income. If you’re a man out there with a good Mother Trucker woman by your side, make sure you both understand the pros and cons of the job before you sign any contracts. If she makes it through school and onto the road, support her in every way possible, especially if you cannot run with her. She needs to have an excellent support system at home so that she can go out there and earn for the family. Ladies, if you want to be a trucker, go for it! You’ll do more for your family if you have a fulfilling career. It’s a great job if you can get it!

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