Jesus Take the Wheel

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just knew something or someone else—an angel, God, Jesus, or whatever higher-power you might believe in—simply took control of whatever you were experiencing, and saved you from total disaster? Well, it has happened to me several times as a truck driver. Since I am a Christian, my higher power is Jesus. Without a doubt, I know that when these particular incidents happened to me, he was protecting me. 

One night I was heading to south Texas to pick up sand out of Alice. While I was rolling along the 1-10, several deer shot out onto the highway right in front of me. As a professional driver, you are taught to not jerk or try to correct around such things. Not because drivers want to cause injury to animals, but to prevent harm to ourselves, vehicles around us, and to sustain as little damage as possible to the trucks we are driving. We are also trained that if we must leave the road for any reason (to avoid a crash with another truck or four-wheeler or to avoid anything that couldn’t be of ultimate damage to humans or property), to swerve to the right into a ditch or a field. Of course, in a sudden emergency, you have to make split-second evaluations of your surroundings, and sometimes a swerve to the right might mean disaster. Even if you are a seasoned professional driver, you simply have to go with your gut and hope you made the right choice.

With the deer, I made the choice to just take the possible head-on impact with them. For me that night, it was as if the deer simply flew like reindeer across the road. There were no other vehicles around me, only a couple of headlights a few miles back. I braced myself for the impact I knew was coming…and it never came. Somehow, they moved out of the way just in time, and I made no contact with any wild creature that night.

Another time, I was traveling on the 1-10, going once again toward south Texas. I was frustrated because earlier that night I couldn’t find my truck keys when I was already running late Fortunately for me, my Lord protected me from almost sure disaster. I was almost to San Antonio Texas when I spotted flashing lights up ahead on the road. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on, and the lights that I spotted where flashers on cars and trucks, not emergency vehicle lights. As I drew closer to the area, it became obvious that someone in a car had been in an accident with a deer. That little frustrating delay earlier in the evening prevented me from being ten minutes further down I-10, possibly right in the middle of that tragedy. I’m not saying, that I’m glad it was them and not me either. I don’t like seeing anyone having to experience such trauma. When I was driving I saw too many accidents along the highways. 

Because I know the hazards of the road, I always try to ask for protection for myself, my family, and my friends every time I leave home. I highly recommend praying for or meditating on having a good journey before you get behind the wheel. You never know when you might need a little divine intervention! Safe trucking.

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