Trucker Tourist (Part 1)

With summer coming up, I thought I would give you some ideas for really great places to visit if you have the time, and happen to be in some of these states making deliveries or picking up loads. Some places can’t be accessed in a big rig, but a cheap rental car will get you anywhere!

#1 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona – A perfect place to take the family if they happen to be with you on the rig, or even a great place to go by yourself for some quality alone time outside the confines of your truck cab. The scenery is “God awesome” and there is parking for big and semi-trucks. Take a detour 28 miles to the north on Highway 64, off the I-40 in Williams, Arizona. Check out the Grand Canyon Village, and be careful when you spy out the cliffs of the Canyon, it’s a long way down to the river! If you have the time, take one of the many horse or hiking tours they offer down to the Colorado River. Get some fresh air, sunshine, and lots of exercise. You and your family are going to love it.

#2 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – Yellowstone can be accessed at the northwest corner of US 20 near Idaho. You can view the west part of Yellowstone by turning north on US 191, this road is a narrow and curvy road along the Gallatin River. There are large pull-outs on the north end, and you can park there when it’s time to take your break. All main entrances into the park prohibit large vehicles except delivery trucks from driving through the park. So, if you want to spend some time in Yellowstone, park your truck in Idaho Falls and rent a car before going into the park. Spend your days off checking out Old Faithful, The Grand Teton National Park and taking pictures. Grab some souvenirs for the family if you’re alone!

#3 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California – There is so much to see in San Francisco, but if you really want a thrill, take a ride across the Golden Gate bridge in your big truck. There is nothing like the view of the Pacific from the front windshield of a semi-truck. There are a few rules for commercial vehicles, so if you’re carrying explosives, hazardous materials, or items that could be dangerous, you have to ask and wait for an escort before crossing the bridge. You also have to stay in the right two lanes, and you can only drive 45 miles per hour. But hey, the right two lanes are the best views, plus your co-pilot can’t get good pictures if you drive too fast!

#4 Disney World, Orlando, Florida – Yes, even professional drivers like Disney World! Disney himself made it possible for truckers to park at Disney World near Epcot Center. It is my suggestion that you take a week off, rent a hotel room at Disney, call the family, and spend some quality time exploring everything you and your children can imagine at the most wonderful place on earth.

#5 Charleston, South Carolina – What an amazing place to explore, especially if you are a history buff! There are so many attractions to enjoy in and around Charleston. I suggest parking your truck at one of the truck stops approximately 15-20 miles outside of Charleston, renting a car, and spending some time exploring. Check out Fort Sumter (where the Civil War began, for all the history enthusiasts), or take the Harbor of History Cruise on the water. There are carriage tours, historical and landmark walking tours, Savor the Flavors Walking Tours (if you’re hungry), and even A Haunted Old City Tour (if you’re not afraid of ghosts or the dark). These are just a few of the activities Charleston has to offer. So, take your 72-hour break and brush up on your American history!

There you have it, the first five of some of the great places to visit during the summer (or really anytime you’re in those areas). Keep following my blog for future ideas of places that will make trucker life a little more interesting and enjoyable.

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