The Time is Coming to Make a Splash!

I’m so happy the weather is turning warmer, because I love to swim.

Even as a child I can remember my daddy referring to me as a “little fish.” I think I loved water from the time of my birth. I got my lifeguard certificate in high school, but even before that great accomplishment, it was the joy of my life to spend time in or near the water.

Some of my earliest memories in the water was when I spent time at my grandfather’s ranch in western Nebraska. I was probably about three, and I remember splashing and playing in the horse tank with the windmill. I can’t recall everything about that moment, but I can still feel the slimy algae on the bottom of the tank between my little toes, the snort from the nose of the cow who had come to the tank for a drink, and giggling as my mom chased me in an attempt to capture me from the water.

As times went on in my young life, I recall trips to the lakes near our Nebraska home. In bare feet, I’d wade out into the warm summer waters over the rocks and mud. I cherished the feel of the hot sun on my skin, and the splashing of the waves against my face when I sat down near the shore to watch people frolicking on their boats.

When I was about seven or eight, I slid down a small waterfall in a salmon-filled river in Washington State. Later that night, I enjoyed the savory flavor of some of that salmon cooked on my Uncle Chuck’s grill. Those memories come to mind to this day anytime my husband grills salmon.

I spent my time at church camps, where we swam in lakes and rivers scattered throughout Nebraska. After I received my lifeguard certificate, I was employed during the summers to guard the lake and teach canoeing to younger children. We also took them on overnight stays at the Plate River where we learned what it would be like to live along the river.  

After I had my own children, we spent time in California building sand castles along the beach. I stared out into the Pacific wishing I could go swim with the dolphins, whales, and sea lions, as the wild waves crashed against the Presidio shores.

My husband and I also had a spectacular adventure in Florida, where we swam near our hotel and allowed the waves to push us further out into the Atlantic. We made it a point to extend our motorcycle travels down to the Keys, enjoying jet skis, parasailing, and boating in the Gulf.

Water has always fascinated me, brought me joy, and shown me adventure. If I were to sit here and recall all the great encounters I’ve had over my life time with water, this would be a novel, not a blog. I can’t wait to add to my “water storybook” starting next month!

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