In Dreams

I’ve heard that the dreams that we have can often times be preludes to future events. I’m not sure if that means future events on this physical plane or if it means events that might come in the afterlife. Nevertheless, if you’re like me and you have a consistent recurring dream, you’re not alone. If fact, if you’re a dream interpreter, and you think you might know what this dream means, let me know.

In my recurring dream, I’m walking in this big open field of beautiful wild flowers, wearing an old-fashioned gown. It’s a light pink silk flowing gown (no bows, buttons, or zippers) brought together in the back with a loosely tied knot. My hair is long, to my knees, and blonde. I’m young—not a child, but a teenager.

I’m walking toward a deep blue river that is several hundred yards in front of me. I can see snow-capped mountains to my left and right but not in front of me past the river. There are beautiful pine trees flowing down from the mountains to this open field of flowers.

There is a small waterfall coming from the side of the mountains to the left, feeding the river. I bend over and pick one of the daisies that is being gently blown about by the soft gentle breeze. I put the flower to my nose. It smells clean, just like the air that surrounds me.

Just beyond the other side of the river I can see several horses grazing in a perfectly green, manicured field of grass. Birds are flying from the trees along the mountains to branches of a few scattered leaf-filled trees along the banks of the river.

It is bright and warm, but all I see in the sky is blue. I don’t feel anything but happiness.

This dream comes to me quite often. In fact, when I’m feeling scared or afraid I have the dream more frequently. I have no idea what this dream means or even if it has a meaning, but it gives me comfort when things aren’t going great.

If you have a dream like mine or even another dream that you want to share, I think it would be fun to hear about it. Leave a comment on my website with your dreams, or if you know what my dream means, please let me know!  

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