Why Did I Write Mother Trucker?

While I was out on the road in 2016, many of my fans asked why I wrote Mother Trucker and what was it all about. I wrote Mother Trucker for a lot of reasons, the most important one being to relieve the many active thoughts running through my brain. I don’t know if I’m the only one that this happens to, but it just seems that my brain never shuts down. I’m always thinking about serval things at the same time. One of the ways that I’ve learned to deal with my rapid-fire thoughts was to write down as much as I can. Writing lists, outlining, and journaling helps me not to forget important thoughts and also gives me the release I need. It’s kind of like unloading your brain.

When I was driving truck, I had so much downtime to do nothing but think. When something would
happen, good or bad, I would meditate on it and write down little notes about the event. The villain in Mother Trucker, Betty, was characterized from a former co-worker. Obviously, she wasn’t a serial killer, but she was very unkind to me, and I can remember my feelings of frustration toward her. It helped a great deal to write down those annoyances in my journals.

I didn’t just write about the bad times. I wrote about my adventures, the people I met, and recorded some my favorite handles that I heard over the CB. I also wrote about sights I saw, things I learned, and accomplishments I achieved. I wrote about work, my personal life at home, and I wrote about the things I looked forward to in the coming years.

As you can see, Mother Trucker was more than just a fiction suspense-thriller. It was taken from the pages of my life on the roads of America. If you have a desire to share a part of yourself with others, start today with a simple journal. You never know where the most seemingly meaningless of entries might lead you. Everyone has an imagination, it’s not just for the young! We also all have a story. Yours might be worth sharing with others!

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