Going from Trucker to Writer Pt. 2

Originally published in the Layover.com newsletter.

Putting those words down on paper in manuscript form wasn’t easy, but after everything else that I have been through in publishing process, I can say with all certainty it was the easiest part of the whole “being a writer” journey. After writing a manuscript comes the daunting task of editing. That takes lots of time and money, believe me. Oh, and don’t forget publishing!
But in my opinion, the most difficult task when it comes to writing a book is marketing. Getting the word out and getting your books in front of readers and is really tough. Compare it to finding a red hot in a jelly bean jar. It’s in there, but there are so many other jelly beans around it, that it’s hard for someone who wants a red hot to find it.
With 300,000 new books hitting the market every year across the world, how do you let people that might like to read your book, but don’t know who you are, know about the stories you’ve written? After some lengthy contemplation, I decide the best way to market to my primary audience would be to take the stories to the drivers on the roads of America. After all, the stories are about a female truck driver on the road. So, why not take the stories out there to the people in person? I did that very thing this year, and I can say it was well worth the time and effort.
The drivers and readers that I had the pleasure of meeting at the I-80 Iowa Truck Show, the I-44 Truck Jamboree, GATS (Great American Truck Show) and so many other places along the way, was phenomenal. Besides wanting to buy and read the books I had authored so far, many wanted to know how I got started writing and why I was writing instead of driving. Some wanted advice on writing, and others were willing to give me their advice and opinions about what I could write in the future.
Yes, many authors get out and do book signings and attend book conventions, both of which I have done, but to me this was totally different. I spent days talking and enjoying the people that came to my booths. I couldn’t think of a better way to market my trucker book series. If I‘d ever had the opportunity to converse face-to-face with the authors of many of the books I’ve read in my lifetime, I know I would enjoy those books even more. This experience was so positive, I’ll be doing it again next year, with the final two books in the Mother Trucker Book Series, Jumpers and Terror-West.
So, at this point I have to say I’m hooked on being a writer, but I’ll never forget that I started doing this in the cab of my truck. This point was driven home over and over as I toured the country this year at the truck shows. It was totally invigorating, not only being on the road again, but also being able to communicate with my trucking and non-trucking readers face to face. I was thrilled to hear about their lives and share some my life with them. We had a connection in some respects that went beyond the stories that I wrote. Not only because I once was and still remain a part of the trucking community, but also because we all enjoy a good story.

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