This Mother Trucker Makes Amigos Everywhere!

What used to be a caliche pit at one time was now an unofficial garbage dump. Trash cluttered the ground. Piles of everything from furniture to rusty cars were stacked against the walls of the pit. We sand haulers slowly maneuvered 10 trucks into the pit, turning them around and parking them next to each other.

Dispatch had sent us with 50,000 pounds of sand to this dusty pit in Rio Grande City. The sand had been bought by an oil company doing business in Mexico. Since the border area had become dangerous due to the growing drug trade, our company would only allow our trucks to transport the sand as far as the pit. Mexican sand haulers working for the oil company were to travel across the border to meet us at the pit. There, we were to offload the sand we carried into their trucks so that they could take the sand back across the border.

As we stood around waiting for the drivers from Mexico to arrive, the drivers that I was rolling with amused themselves by playing a game of “tease the blonde lady”.

“Hey Barbie, you know you need to be careful hanging out around here, blonde hair is a magnet for some of those handsome Mexican men coming over here to get his sand.”

I had already fallen for way too many of their stories, including a VERY tall tale about the Chupacabra. “Ya’ll are a bunch of liars.” I sharply replied.

“It’s true, Barbie. Blonde women are very popular.” One of the drivers tried to convince me they were telling the truth. I walked away from the group of men that were already doubled over hee-hawing.

Just as I reached my truck, the drivers from Mexico pulled into the pit. They turned them around and backed up towards the rear of our trailers. I grabbed my gloves and hard hat along with my other co-workers. We grabbed and pulled hoses off our trucks to connect to the trucks from Mexico.

“Hey, Mamacita, muchas gracias.” The driver of the truck that was connected to my truck thanked me.

“De nada.” I understood what he was saying, and I wasn’t about to let my co-workers’ silliness intimidate me from trying out my limited Spanish and having a professional exchange with this nice driver from Mexico. The driver smiled realizing that I had understood him.

After we finished unloading into the Mexican trucks, they left and headed back over the border to make their deliveries to the waiting frack locations. Buck, one of my co-workers commented as we watched the last of the trucks leave the pit. “I’m glad I can speak Spanish. I just saved your butt Barbie.”

I looked at him with a confused expression. “What the hell does that mean Buck?”

Buck smiled. “Well, that Mexican driver you were talking with wanted to take you home with him.”

Not fooled for a minute, I rushed towards Buck and started to swat at him. I knew he was full of it. They didn’t realize I had such impressive international business skills!

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