The Streets of Laredo

When I was trucking, I had been warned about problems the drug cartels were creating in Laredo, and most border towns. I can’t say that I ever had any problems when I was picking up loads or delivering loads in Laredo. In fact, one of the places where I picked up several loads was right next to the river between Mexico and Texas. I could look out my windows in my truck while getting loaded, and see the streets of Mexico. There was always a border patrol unit parked in the yard, where I picked up sand.

Other truckers told me stories of the cartels destroying the peace and tranquility of good communities with their greed and lawlessness. Thankfully, I never personally had a dangerous experience the likes of what I’d heard about. Most of the people in Laredo were nice and welcoming to me, but I never let my guard down. I felt it was important as a female running alone to protect myself in whatever way I could. I just used good judgement, and as an extra precaution, never stayed overnight in any border town.

Laredo itself isn’t a great city, and it’s a shame that in recent years it’s become unsafe to travel back and forth across the border. Hopefully that changes in the future for truckers on both sides.

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