Ice, Ice. Save me!

Despite it being winter right now, in Texas, we’ve been enjoying beautiful temperatures in the sixties and seventies. I don’t miss those days of ice and snow on the road, let me tell you! I’ve seen Ice Road Truckers, and I know that is definitely not my thing!

One time, I had just picked up a load out of Longview, Texas. It was dark and the weatherman forecasted rain and snow mixed for the overnight. I’d hoped to get away from the loading facility earlier so that I could have missed the storm, but it didn’t happen. I was making my way back to the I-20 when I heard over the CB that things were freezing up near Dallas and headed toward Longview. It had been raining and the rain was turning into snow. I decided to just drive until I couldn’t see or drive anymore.

I didn’t find the roads too slick until just outside of Dallas. I quickly took the exit to a roadside park, but there wasn’t anywhere to park. I didn’t want to park along the highway, so I reentered the slick highway. I drove very slowly, trying to avoid jackknifing or a crashing with another vehicle. There were trucks and cars sliding all over the place. I passed by as one truck went sliding sideways and then rolled onto its side, finally coming to rest in a median. It was getting crazy!

The CB was abuzz with road conditions, and I came to the realization that I wouldn’t make it to Dallas because of the ice. Most southern cities have very little if any equipment for snow and icy road conditions, so I knew I was going to have to find a place to park soon. Being safe rather than sorry is always the best course of action. It took me a while to reach exit 503, and I was nervous about having to cross the overpass leading to the truck stop, but I made it safely to a nice parking spot in the truck stop.

Thankfully, the truck stop at there off I-20 is really a pretty nice place, but I had to spend three days at that truck stop. Boy did I get a lot of writing done! After I heard over the CB that things were still icy in Dallas but semi-passible, I took off and headed west. I only got as far as Weatherford before I was informed that traffic going to west Texas was “slow to no-go,” meaning I would have to spend another two nights in Weatherford. I can tell you, those were some cold, cold nights! I was never so happy when the “all clear” came through and I was allowed to finally head west, make my delivery, and then go home.

No matter how long you’ve been driving in the snow, never be too impatient to get home, truckers. Slow and steady truly does win the race!

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