All I want for Christmas is… Amazon reviews!

It’s Christmas time, Mother Truckers! I know that you’re busy with last-minute shopping and starting your grocery lists for the long weekend. Well, if you’re wondering what sweet little Robyn Mitchell wants, it’s the easiest gift to check off your list. Best of all, it will cost you nothing!

I’ve met so many wonderful fans of The Mother TruckerBook Series this year. With each stop on my book tour, through social media, and through our ongoing contests for free books, I’ve gotten valuable feedback from you guys. I’m thrilled that you’ve been enjoying the series!

I’ve told you all many times that this series was a labor of love for me, and it was no small feat getting it published! I just knew there were truckersout there who could relate to and enjoy these stories. 

In order for an author to see some measure of success in the publishing industry, reviews and feedback

are crucial. But I have a secret weapon…THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!

So, if you’ve purchased any of the Mother Trucker books or received a free eBook or audiobook from me, please take a moment when you’re logged into Amazon shopping or browsing to submit a review for any book from the series that you’ve read. It takes literally 1 minute!

1) Seek out the book you’ve enjoyed on Amazon, in this example, I’m using a link for
Mother Trucker.

2) Scroll down past the Product Details and my bio.

3) Click the “Write a customer review” button

3) You will then be directed to give the book a number of stars and write a review. The review is as long as you want it to be—anywhere from one sentence to several paragraphs.  

Then you submit and you’re done! That’s it!

I want to thank you all in advance for taking a few minutes to give me a review. It is SO vital to the success of the series! The gift that keeps on giving (literally)!

Enjoy your time off with your loved ones, and have a beautiful Christmas, truckers! Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2017!
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