Be Safe Out There, Mother Truckers!

As a female truck driver, it’s not uncommon to feel a little uncomfortable in some truck stops. I never really had too much trouble. I usually kept to myself, or was there with co-workers. There was however, one night at a truck stop when my luck ran out.

I pulled into the parking lot of the truck stop, parking my truck close to the back (the only spaces available). I gathered some money and a few personal items so that I could buy some dinner in the restaurant and then get ready for bed.

I hadn’t noticed the man behind me until I went into the truck stop. He held the door for me. I went into screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-3-39-40-pmthe gift shop to buy a book. To my surprise, the man was there again behind me in line. I then went into the restaurant, and the same man took a seat not too far from where I was seated. I tried hard to brush it off as just coincidence, but the man just kept looking at me.

Just wanting to get away from the situation, I ate my dinner quickly. When I was about to leave my table, I was surprised by a couple of co-workers who had come in to eat as well. I gave them both hugs and they joined me. Quietly, I explained to my friends about the man who was still watching me. One of them made the suggestion that we pretend we were a couple when we left the restaurant. I told him I thought that would be a good idea.

After we all finished eating, the three of us got up from our table. The co-worker that had suggested the couple idea grabbed my hand and loudly said, “Come on baby. Let’s go back to the truck, I’m tired.” I went with my friends to the check out counter, and then to the parking lot, where they both escorted me to my truck.

I never saw the man again, and I’m not sure if he was following me, but he really creeped me out. I’m so thankful to my two co-workers, Slick and Bulldog for helping me safely back to my truck. Ladies, remember, if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable or it seems you’re, being followed, look for someone trustworthy and enlist their help. Or, draw attention to yourself by starting a conversation or making a small scene in a public place. Better to be embarrassed than to be in danger!

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