Highway to Heaven

I’m one of those people who believe in angels. I know I have angels watching over and helping me out in this world. Sound silly? Well, let me give you some examples of what has happened to me on the highways.

We all know how frustrating it can be, when it’s time to leave and something like misplaced keys, or an alarm not going off at the right time thwarts your plans. I know that every time I was in a hurry to get going I would be delayed or slowed down by traffic. It happened to me hundreds of times even before I angel-blog-26started driving truck.

After becoming a truck driver, I started noticing things that happened on the highways just moments before I would arrive at a certain spot. One such incident was right outside my town of Odessa. I had been delayed for one reason or another, and was about ten minutes behind schedule. I even tried to make up a few minutes by not stopping for coffee. As I rolled down the highway, traffic began to slow and we were all being detoured around an accident that had just occurred a few minutes earlier. I quickly realized that had I not been behind schedule, I could have been involved in that accident.

Oh, I know most would say, “That is just coincidental”, but I can personally give at least ten examples of delays that have possibly prevented my involvement in some tragic event. Not to mention the times that I left earlier, or had changes in deliveries.

I honestly believe that our guardian angels protect us as much as possible. So, don’t get too upset next time you are delayed, it might just be your guardian angels protecting you.

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