Lost in America?

I know there are truckers out there who will argue with me that they are “super truckers,” and they don’t need to know exactly where they are going when they are making a delivery. My personal experience as a truck driver has proven time and time again that when I know where I’m going before I get there, I have fewer problems.

Think of it in this way, you’re driving a big truck and you’re told to pick up a load out of a facility in Fort screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-26-01-pmWorth, Texas. The facility is nestled deep within the inner city in a commercial area that’s bordered with residential homes and streets. In a semi-truck it would be extremely helpful to know what side streets you will be traveling off the main thoroughfares. Especially if you don’t want to get yourself caught on a cul-de-sac or dead-end road.

Researching and planning your trip and the roads you will take to your destination will make you’re the journey a lot less stressful and safer. It would also be wise to use more than one reference tool and not rely solely on a GPS (sometimes GPS is more of a hindrance than a help). I don’t care how long you’ve been driving or how many places you’ve traveled as a driver, no driver has been down every street, or in every facility in America. Be wise and prepare before you drive.

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