What’s a Jumper?

In the trucking world a jumper usually refers to a male or female hitchhiker or rider. Most generally they are women, who are either working for a drug pusher as a mule, or they work for a pimp as a prostitute.  screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-6-36-22-pmSome women or men have both a pimp and a drug dealer, these are the ones we call Jumpers. They hitch rides with truckers wanting sex, and then deliver their product wherever they need to go. 

When I was driving truck, and even when I had my own truck, I made it a personal policy not to give rides to strangers. Most companies don’t allow it any more, but it can be very dangerous and detrimental to a driver if they think they are being kind by giving rides. Then, they either get busted because of the passenger’s product or they are victims of theft and even injury.

My best advice to drivers, don’t give rides or let anyone you don’t know into your truck. 

Look out for more on this subject in the next installment of the Mother Trucker Book Series!