They say that the way to a trucker’s heart is good coffee. Well, maybe they don’t say that, but it always worked for me!

So much so, I was often referred to as “The Coffee Lady.” I acquired that name from co-workers who had the opportunity to spend long drudging hours on those oil patch locations with me. We would sometimes untitled-design-3be stuck waiting to unload our sand for hours and sometimes even days.

I tried hard to be prepared for long stays on a fracking job, because we never knew if we were going to get unloaded right away or if something would happen to prevent us from doing so. Since I always made sure I had plenty of everything I could possibly need for an extended stay, coffee and my coffee pot were always part of that survival stash.

Unfortunately, some of the people I ran with were unprepared. I felt sorry for those drivers, and when someone would come over the radio wanting something to eat or a cup of coffee I always offered if I had it. Especially coffee, I tried hard to keep a pot of coffee going even when I was driving.

After several years of extending this courtesy to many of my fellow drivers, one can see how I became known as “The Coffee Lady.” I had that label for a long time in the oil field, along with my CB handle, Barbie. I had several names given to me while I was driving, some I won’t repeat, others, like “Coffee Lady,” I recall with great endearment. 

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