Got Down Time?

I wasn’t always blessed with being near my home when it was time to shut down for my “restart.” I had to make do wherever I landed. If I was lucky to end up in a town that I knew someone, I would often give them a call and plan a visit. If not, and I had to spend my time in the truck stop, here’s what I would do to keep myself busy:

  • I loved taking the time to clean the inside and outside of my truck. Lord knows, that small space inside my truck always needed a good cleaning and reorganization. Once I finished with that, I would do my laundry in the truck stop, watch television in the lounge, or if I was really lucky, visit the local casinos.
  • Yes, I was lucky enough one time to play a few slots at some casinos in New Mexico. One of my Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 12.57.34 PMfavorite places to visit was the Truck 66 on Interstate 40 outside of Albuquerque. It was not only a great place to gamble, but also to get food. They have a huge buffet, like the ones you see in Vegas. There is an awesome gift shop there too. It’s a really nice place to be when you have to shut down.
  • There are also some great truck stops to pass the time in. Along Interstate 40 there is the Love’s near Needles, Arizona, the Exit One truck stop at Lupton, and Little America near Flagstaff. I also spent many nights in Oklahoma at Ed’s in Sallisaw, the Flying J in Checotah, the Durant Choctaw Travel Plaza, and Loves in Durant.

I can’t remember any place where I shut down that I didn’t have something interesting to do. I think my favorite pastime was talking with the other drivers. I can’t count the hours I spent in those places just making new friends and swapping stories about being on the road.   

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