Man, I Feel Like a Woman!

Being a girly-girl is fun for me. I love dresses, make-up, shoes, and getting my nails done. I found out pretty quick, though, that those traits don’t always mesh well with trucking, especially oil field trucking.

So, what’s a girl to do when her job makes femininity difficult? I decided to make the most of the options Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.20.31 PMthat were available to me. There are a few restrictions that have been put in place for safety reasons, such as pulling long hair back, not wearing rings, and not wearing long dangly earrings. I usually dealt with those without too much complaint because I knew they were enforced to help keep me from getting hurt. I was relegated to parading my accessories in my truck or at home when I wasn’t on a job. There were no regulations on nails or the color of steel toe boots, however! You can bet your bottom dollar I got my nails done on a regular basis, and picked out the prettiest pink boots I could find, regardless of the comments from my male and female co-workers.

Of course, there were several times I would break those pretty nails and they would hurt like a son of a
gun when I did. I took plenty of ribbings when I complained about a broken nail. Since I liked to wear my pink steel toe boots and pink rain boots so much, I had to deal when they got all scuffed up from the rocks and dirt. That’s what they’re for, after all! The jokes and comments that came at me for those fashion statements kept the west Texas oil field buzzing for days.

I didn’t care really what people thought about what I wore. Those things made me feel good in a harsh world of oil, dirt, and grease. So ladies, I say if you like feeling pretty, go for it—as long as you you don’t mind getting dirty! You should always feel your best when you’re getting the job done! 

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