Not an Angel, Just a Trucker

Never having been able to hear myself on the CB radio, it came as quite a shock when many people began telling me that I had a very soft, soothing voice. I guess I never thought about what I sound like when I speak. Who pays attention to what they sound like to others?

It happened to me on a regular basis when I would speak over the CB. At first, I simply put it off as male drivers flirting with a female voice over the radio. But one night when I was headed south on I-45 out of Dallas at around three o’clock in the morning, I was bored. So, I got on my CB mic and asked if there was anyone who wanted to talk.

No one answered my call for conversation at first, but then a man came across the CB sounding like he angel-1414951_1280was half asleep. “I believe I hear the voice of an angel in the night.” I couldn’t believe that the man was talking about me so I simply asked if he wanted to talk. The man still sounding half asleep responded, “Are you an angel?”

I thought the guy was nuts. “No, I’m just a trucker needing to talk to someone to keep awake out here so late.” He replied, “Well I’ve never heard a sweeter voice over the CB in the night. I think you must be an angel.” I laughed a bit to myself and then responded before I got out of radio range. “Well thank you sir, but I’m not an angel, just a trucker.” Glad our little talk comforted him!

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