Good Ol’ Port Fourchon – Pt. 2

It was pretty exciting getting to the right place after wondering if I would have to wait until dawn on that dark, damp road alone. I will never forget the tank drivers’ kindness that night.

What happened to me when I reached my destination turned out to be rather funny. I pulled my truck into an overcrowded yard. In the dark it looked like a maze of equipment and buildings held in the air by huge support beams. That was amazing to me since I had never seen buildings built up in the air like treehouses before. Later I was informed that they were built like that to avoid being destroyed during hurricanes. Duh!

That wasn’t my only blonde moment that night. After climbing what seemed like hundreds of steps to get to the office building, I was met by a nice young man who took my bill of lading. I’m not sure if what happened next was planned out between him and my dispatcher or not, she never would say. Or maybe he just decided to have fun with this blonde woman.

The young man proceeded to tell me that I would be taking my truck to the edge of the water then wait for Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.27.27 PMsome men to put out rails across to a barge sitting out in the gulf. Once the barge and rails were secured, I would need to roll my truck across the rails and onto the barge where I would then unload my sand. Needless to say, I was a bit uneasy about such a feat!

I didn’t say anything to the man. I just looked out the large picture window in his office. I tried to get a visual on the supposed barge from that window, but everything was so black I couldn’t tell if there was a barge out there or not. I decided that everything had to be safe. After all, companies rarely did things that put people in danger…right?

When I turned around to accept my fate with the barge, I found the young man behind the glass window, nearly rolling on the floor with laughter. That’s when I realized I had been the butt of a joke. If I could have gotten to him through that glass window, I would have socked him in the arm for giving me such a fright. Being blonde does have its moments!

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