Good Ol’ Port Fourchon – Pt. 1

I’m not sure how many of you know where Port Fourchon is, but it’s in Louisiana and it’s the furthest point out in the gulf. When I was assigned to drive there, I learned from some of the drivers that live in Louisiana that many of the Ports including this one are constructed by people.

My experience with Port Fourchon was both a scary and funny one. I had been sent there by my Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.48.04 AMdispatcher to deliver a load of sand to a fracking company that was taking the sand overseas. I was excited about getting to do something different, but by the time I arrived at my destination to unload, it was dark. You know the kind of dark I’m talking about—no moon, no street lights. Pitch black.

Before I got too far into the water, I pulled over and checked my map and the directions the dispatcher had given me. But, like most of you know, directions can sometimes be wrong. These directions were way off, but I decided to proceed anyway, hoping that with the area being small I would perhaps stumble across my destination.

How wrong I was. The further I went, the bluer the sides of the roads became on my GPS. Before long, all that appeared on the GPS was the road I was on and water. Plus, the road was only two lanes with very little shoulder for pulling over.

I realized that I needed to just stop and wait for a four-wheeler to come by or another truck. It was very late. I think it was around midnight when I did this, and the traffic on that particular road was almost nonexistent. Within a few minutes however, a couple of tanker trucks passed by and hollered at me over the CB.

They were some local drivers and were more than happy to help a driver in distress. I love gallantry in a man! They had me follow them to exactly where I needed to go.

More Port Fourchon adventure next week!

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