Believe a ’13’ Limit’ Sign!

Ever seen or been in a truck that has hit an overpass? I’ve never personally experienced either, but I have seen the damage that is caused both to the truck and to the overpass. When a driver doesn’t take the state at its word and pay attention to the overpass height limits, there can be some serious problems.Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.09.50 AM

I didn’t have the opportunity to observe this one particular incident in Texas, but I was in the long line of backed up traffic having to wait for the truck to be removed from its “stuck” placement. We were going to use that route, but the local traffic of this small little Texas town became so congested because of the mishap that the whole town seemed to be at a standstill.

The truck was a normal every day “box truck” with a height of 13’ 6”. The problem for that probably now unemployed driver, was that he didn’t pay attention to the limit on that bridge, which would only clear 13’.

I can’t count the times I had to take a detour around an overpass or find another route when I was hauling a tall load of air conditioners from west to east Texas. Drivers need to use common sense when it comes to those bridges and overpasses. If you plan your trip in advance and check your map for low bridges, you can avoid the uncomfortable and embarrassing results of finding yourself stuck in an overpass.

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