The Crayons, Lunchables, Fuzzy Blanket, and Stuffed Teddy Are Ready to Roll

I can’t count the number of times I took my granddaughter with me on the truck. She went with me GranddaughterBlog 27all over the place, from California to Oklahoma and everywhere in between. She was my little co-driver, and when she came along we had to pack everything.

One day when I was cleaning out an old truck of mine, I lifted up the mattress to make sure there wasn’t anything under it. To my surprise, there were several crayons that had apparently slipped behind the bed and remained hidden until that moment.

I looked at the colors, and the memories of having my granddaughter with me on the truck came flooding back. She had ridden with me for several years until she reached school age, and then she had to stay home most of the time except on weekend runs. Those were some wonderful rides, taking pictures with her along Highway 58 outside Bakersfield, California or along a railroad track beside Lake Eufaula on Highway 69 in Oklahoma.

Now, my granddaughter is a teenager. No matter how big she gets, I hope she’ll always look back and remember when she was little and riding with her granny in the “big truck.”


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