How Can You Keep Yourself Trim While Driving a Truck?

In the trucking industry this has definitely become a real issue with many drivers. The problem is that most drivers don’t get any exercise, and they eat things that create fat instead of energy.

Truck stops are terrible places to get healthy foods, unfortunately. They have tried to offer some good Xthings to help truckers stay healthier, but it’s difficult to offer fresh fruits and veggies without a proper way of keeping them fresh. Most truck stops don’t have that capability. So, it is pretty much up to the trucker to supply him or herself with the right nutrition.

I was lucky in that I had a refrigerator. I bought my own and was able to put it in and out of any truck that I owned or drove. It saved me from the constant temptations of the junk that was readily available. I would shop and cook while I was at home, and stock my refrigerator with what I thought I would need and want.

What helped me most was sticking to the basics. Eight ounces of meat a day plus an extra protein, like oatmeal or boiled eggs. Two fruits a day, and usually four to five cups of veggies a day. I limited myself to either one slice of bread or a few crackers for the carbs I wanted and needed. I also limited myself to either a yogurt or cheese stick. I had to avoid sugar as much as possible because I love it too much. If I felt I just had to have a snack I would eat nuts or make popcorn in my microwave in my truck. I drank lots of water and coffee with Stevia.

I know there are no thrills with this kind of diet, but trust me, when you stick to this and try and walk or run every day, you won’t gain weight. I liked it because I could put a lot of these things in my truck refrigerator and have them available whenever I wanted them. I even made salads and put them in baggies. Then when I wanted to eat, I would dump the baggie of veggies into a paper bowl, put the cooked chicken I had prepared at home on top of the veggies, added a little dressing, and there you go, a fresh chicken salad. Yummy!

Of course, one must always check with a doctor before making radical diet changes, but this plan really worked for me. If your goal is to make healthy choices, and you are strong enough to avoid those truck stop fast food places and counters of junk, you will be on the path to feeling and looking a whole lot better.


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