Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Ever invite co-workers home for a meal? I loved bringing my trucker friends, both male and female, home for dinner. I felt it was important for my husband to meet the people I worked with, and what better way than to invite them over to the house?

I remember one specific time I brought two of my male trucker friends home. I called my husband and let 18 Wheeler in driveway-Blog 14him know that I would be bringing friends home for dinner. He started the grill and had things ready when we pulled those big eighteen-wheel trucks up in front of the house. I live in the country so there was no problem with my neighbors seeing those big rigs in the neighborhood. Imagine for a moment three huge sand haulers lined up on a residential street. Quite a sight!

After a few drinks from my house bar and a nice dinner that my husband prepared, we sat around and talked out on our back porch. My husband enjoyed getting to know those two truckers. He learned about their lives and their families while subsequently reaching out into my trucker world. I also got to know more about the people I worked with, and I believe they truly appreciated our hospitality and a home-cooked meal.

That wasn’t the only time I brought drivers home with me for dinner. I also brought some of my female trucker friends home to stay during shut downs. It was fun having the people I worked with share my family and home with me. Of course, you always have to check with your better half before bringing guests by, but a “trucker business dinner” is a great way to unwind after time on the road!


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