Might Need to Change My Handle to Shoegal

Your truck is like your mobile home. We want to have everything we MAY need in order to function day-to-day. Have you ever seen a woman pack for a trip, though? Guys can get a duffel bag, throw a few things in, and they’re ready to hit the road. We come around the corner with a rolling suitcase (or two) stuffed to the gills! As far as I’m concerned, you want to be prepared for any occasion you may find yourself in. This means having plentiful wardrobe options.

In an earlier blog I talked about the clothes that I carried on my truck, and I carried a bunch. But clothes aren’t the only thing that a girl needs on a truck. I’m a little like Carrie from Sex and the City when it comes to completing the outfit. We need our shoes!

I carried all kinds of shoes on my truck, flip-flops, heels, tennis shoes, flats—you name it, I carried it. I Boots_Blog 13tried to carry shoes that were nice but also easy on my feet, and easy to get on and off. I was always kicking my shoes off when I drove for long distances.

I also had to carry boots. I carried steel toe and cowboy boots with me always. Since I worked in the oil field, steel toe boots were required. I, of course, had pretty pink ones. Yes, pink ones—and boy did I catch heck for those from the boys on locations! After a while, many of the oil field workers came to know me for my pink boots. It kind of became my trademark.

Shoes are very important to a girl whether you’re driving a truck or working in an office. We as women want to look good, and shoes make the outfit—everyone knows that! But how many pairs should you carry on a truck? I say as many as you want!


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