Home Sweet (Smelling) Home

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Being a trucker, whether you’re male, female, long haul, or short haul, you will find yourself away from home for several days. I’ve had the pleasure of long hauls and short hauls so I experience being gone overnight and being gone for weeks at a time. I’ve always loved coming home.

When it was time to head home, I was ready. I pulled that big truck up in front of my house, shut it down, and grabbed what I could carry as fast as possible. I always thought opening the door and having the familiar smells of my home hitting me in the face after being gone was awesome.

I love “smellies” and candles so my home always smells like a bath and body store, apple cinnamon, eucalyptus, and bluebonnets are my favorites. My husband always made sure he did the dusting and vacuuming before I got there, so I could smell the cleaning items he had used. He usually had something cooking for dinner as well. Those smells were wonderful to my nose as I walked into the house.

As a trucker, I think I appreciate now more than ever how great it feels to come home after being on the road. It has given me a new appreciation for not only my husband, but also for the special and delightful smells that welcome me when I walk through the door. I think it’s important for a home to smell and look nice, not just for when company comes, but for those who come into it every day.


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