Sometimes You Learn About Trucker Life the Hard Way

Every time I think about this incident, I break out in giggles.

I was coming back from delivering sand in North Dakota, and I took one of my down times in Oklahoma City. I was still a rookie, learning the ropes and learning how things worked in the trucking world. On this day, I got quite a lesson about the world of trucking.

It all started when I woke up that cold January morning in a truck stop on the north end of Oklahoma CityCB-Blog 10 of Highway 35. I had gotten out of my sleeper and pulled out the clothes from my closet that I would wear for the day. I reached up front and turned on my CB to see if anyone was talking about the weather or road conditions. It was cloudy and there was some leftover snow on the ground from a few days prior. So, I was concerned that more might be on its way.

As I dressed, I was listening to the chatter. Several times as I listened, a woman came across the radio asking to “borrow a CB mic.” Needless to say I was a bit confused. I mean seriously, the woman had one in her hand! I listened to her while I finished dressing and brushing my hair, but no one responded to the woman’s request.

I finally decided to at least let the woman know that she was really making a fool out of herself by asking for something that she already had. I said, “I think you have one in your hand, lady.” Well, before I knew it, my radio seemed to blow up. She came back at me with language that even a sailor wouldn’t use. Calling me every name in the book and wanting to know where I was so that she could kick my butt! I turned the CB off and left that truck stop without my coffee or brushing my teeth.

All the way back to Odessa, I wondered what I had said that made that woman so angry at me. I wasn’t rude or unkind, at least I didn’t think I was. When I got back to the truck yard, I went into the lounge and started to do my paperwork. One of the veteran guys came in and I told him about what had happened. He laughed. He told me, “Robyn, that woman was looking for her next trick.” She was a prostitute looking for clients!

I couldn’t believe it. Boy did I have a lot to learn! I asked him, “Really, that’s how they do that?” He laughed at me again. “Yes, and a whole lot of other ways too. You figure it out the longer you’re out here.” I felt like an idiot, a totally sheltered idiot.


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