Shout Out to the Gentlemen of the Road!

I personally have had quite the adventures on the road, but being a female made things even more so!gentleman-Blog 25

Since I hauled mostly sand and dealt mainly with the oil field, you can imagine that the majority of people I came into contact with on a daily basis were men. You would think that would be a problem— men not wanting women in their business. That wasn’t my experience at all. In fact, I found that the men were quite accommodating when it came to a woman working with them. Many were happy to have a woman around, especially on locations. Many times the men on those locations had been away from home or had worked for so many days without seeing their families that a woman on location was a nice change of pace.

Many of the men were extremely helpful, even to the point of competing to help me out in one instance. I was delivering sand to a location just south of Odessa. I was a rookie at the time and was having trouble with hooking up of one of my hoses. Before I knew what was happening (I truly didn’t see them coming) about 10 men just appeared out of nowhere. They quickly used their manly muscles to hook up my hoses.

I can’t help but tell you I felt like a princess being helped by her faithful knights. A little dramatic maybe, but honestly it was a terrific feeling with all those men rushing in to help. Some flirted with me, while others asked me what it was like being a girl driving a truck. I was flattered to receive the attention.

Of course we live in an age of women believing they can do everything for themselves. Maybe that’s true for some women, but I personally think it’s honorable for men to help women. I didn’t always have trouble with my job, and I was very capable of handling it without the help of men. But it was so wonderful receiving that help when I needed it.


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