Red-blooded HEALTHY American Mother Trucker

With all the talk these days about what is healthy for you and what isn’t, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about when I was a little girl living at home. In those days, there was only a once a week drive to the store for needed groceries and maybe a once a month dinner out, usually on a special occasion. Now it seems we go to the store every day or at least every other day, and eating out or having takeout is a constant occurrence with the busy lives we lead.

Due to my age and the ever-changing issues with my body, it became a goal to make better food choices. As we all know, eating healthier presents so many challenges! What’s “clean eating”? What’s the correct exercise regimen? Thousands of recommendations exist, but which programs would be most beneficial? Trucking is a fairly physical job, and what we put into our bodies matters. Not only for physical strength, but for energy. I wanted to be mindful of the demands of the job.

It came to me as I was reading an article on the Internet by a woman dealing with some of my same issues. She made one striking reference to chemicals or the use of chemicals in most foods we buy at the store. I guess I’d never really thought about that before. Please don’t think me ignorant for not paying more attention to ingredients in the foods that I buy. I mean, really, who checks the ingredients on a loaf of bread that you buy every week? I never did, but ever since reading that woman’s article, I had to think about it. 

It then got me thinking even more about how I was feeding myself and my family differently from the ways that we were fed when we were kids. We ate lots of homemade things, like cookies, bread, and sweets made with fresh ingredients and fruits that had been canned from the harvests of fruit trees. Veggies and meats that had been grown over the summers, canned or frozen, butchered, and preserved for future uses over the winter. The preservation of those items however, never included chemicals with names I can’t even pronounce that allow for long shelf lives. They were simply old recipes, from long since passed on family members that knew how to keep things for another day naturally.

fresh ingredients-Blog 5

Now that my children are grown and gone from home, I have found the time to try some of those old recipes. It was time to get away from the chemicals and down to good old fashioned home cooking and baking again. I started with the bread, using an old recipe of my grandmother’s, and boy was it a hit! I used only real ingredients, like real butter and whole wheat flour. I built up my arm muscles a little from all the kneading and spent a little extra time in the kitchen, which are both good things. The chemical-free recipes I’ve tried out for my family are wonderful and so much better tasting.

I truly believe that we have become such a pre-packaged-oriented society that we have forgotten, and maybe even in some cases tried to get rid of, meals from our past that are way better for us and healthier than the junky, chemically-induced products we buy in the stores. Next time you’re home, try preparing a meal from scratch. It may take more time, but in this case, I feel that the benefits truly outweigh the cost. 


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